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Greens and Protein Set
Get our two best-selling products and save 10% over purchasing separately.
  • Greens and Protein set product shot.
  • Sweetened Green Formula nutrition label.
  • Sweetened Super Plant Protein nutrition label.
  • Unsweetened Green Formula without peppermint nutrition label.
  • Unsweetened Green Formula nutrition label.
  • Unsweetened Super Plant Protein nutrition label.

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A Note from Markus

Not intended for infants or pets. Do not take the Super Plant Protein Powder if you're allergic to nuts.

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Product Description

Click the videos tab below to learn more about the products included in this set. Back by popular demand! Give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of health with products from world-renown natural health expert Markus Rothkranz! This set includes:

  • (1) Green Formula (430g)
  • (1) Super Plant Protein (681g)

Buy the set and get a 10% savings. Hurry, this price is good for a limited time only!

  • About Green Formula

    This is your source of energy, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. You can live off this stuff if you want. It’s a great meal replacement. Add it to your smoothies and you’ll find yourself eating less other food. Many people report going up to five hours of energy from this stuff. It also helps regulate blood sugar and is a great aid for helping with diabetes. View Product FAQs

    About Super Plant Protein

    We use pine nuts and durian, two super expensive ingredients unlike any other. Pine nuts are the highest source of protein and essential fatty acids of any nut or seed in the world. Nobody else in the world uses durian in their protein powder because it’s so hard to get and process. Prickly pear cactus is another undiscovered miracle plant. Read the ingredient list and compare with others. Try it for a month and watch the results in the mirror! Other protein powders constipate. This is the first protein powder that actually helps you go to the bathroom! (because it’s just ground-up plants; not processed, dead powders). This is by far the most effective and best-tasting raw vegan protein powder money can buy. View Product FAQs

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